Deputy Principal's Report

Deputy Principal’s Report

Our school like any other institution has a set of rules and regulations. Each student is given a copy upon admission so that she is aware of expectations of the school on discipline. Every teacher is responsible for ensuring that students follow the rules.

There is a discipline committee comprised of 6 members. The committee is responsible for dealing with indiscipline cases. The committee works in liason with Guiding and Counselling committee to enhance discipline in the school. Our school rules are aimed at helping the students develop good character and become responsible citizens who can hold senior positions in the society. The school takes discipline as a prerequisite for academic performance.

We, therefore expect students to take school rulesseriously and take punishment positively as a corrective measure to help them develop a high level of discipline.

In the past few years, generally discipline among the students has improved. Serious indiscipline cases have been minimal. Academic discipline has also improved for the last one year. Students are more organized in their studies i.e. prep time is more organized, summarizing of notes etc. This has impacted positively on academic performance.

As parents, we have a role to play in discipliningour daughters. We need to show them the importance of upholding high level of discipline, guide them when they are at home, monitor their activities so that we know what they are upto and be good role models to them.

With combined efforts and cooperation between parents and teachers, the students will be disciplined and hence perform well academically. Let’s join hands.

God Bless you.

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