The school was started in 1960's as a Harambee school. The first form 4 class sat for examination in 1968. Bv this time, the school was headed by Mr. Charles Nyingi with the first BOG Chairman, having been the late Mr. Simon Gitu Njau, who was instrumental in shaping development of education in Kibutha area, together with others such as paramount Chief Ngeru, retired Chief Mr. Wairagu aVid retired teacher Mr. Peter Karanja.

Initially, the school faced problems of acute water shortage and students would fetch water in the river, this was only solved through the assistance of the late Gitu who allowed the school to construct a water pump in his land. To date,the school still benefits from this water supply.With the construction and office opening of the first dormitory in 1968, the school started to accommodate more boarders. Initially students used to sleep in a 'granary' which had been donated by the late Mr. Gitu. It started as a purelv harambee school and later became a government assisted school. With development of more accommodation facilities, the school grew from one streamed school to become a four streamed school.


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