Technical Department

This department covers business studies, home-science and computer studies. Business studies is-done by all classes m form one, form two and done by two classes in form and four. The students performance is fairly good although there is room for improvement. The students need to be more committed in order to do a good job.

The students who do Home-science perform well. However the number of students in this subject in the upper classes is not very high. The subject is done in forms 1 South, 1 West, 2 South and 2 West. In form 3 and 4 we have a few students from each class i.e. block classes. If the students get mo re serious with the subjects a better mean for the school can be obtained. Computer literacy is taught to all form one and two classes. Form one classes are also taught computer

as an examinable subject though not all the students. We hope by the time these students sit for their K.C.S.E their performance will be good and more students will have taken the subject.



The school was started in 1960's as a Harambee school. The first form 4 class sat for examination in 1968. Bv this time, the …

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straight talk club

hie all,

this is straight talk club. We wish to let you know all leaving no stone unturned. we have been working so hard to let you people know all …

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